BPSC Admit Card’ परीक्षा केंद्र का विवरण गायब है और इसे कैसे नेविगेट करें

BPSC Admit Card

Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) holds significant importance in the recruitment of teachers and other public servants in the state. However, a recent complaint has come to light regarding the admit cards for BPSC’s teacher recruitment examination. The absence of exam center names on their admit cards left many candidates puzzled. This article aims to address this issue and provide candidates with insights into how they can identify their exam centers.

BPSC Admit Card

BPSC Admit Card

Unveiling the Admit Card Dilemma

An admit card, a crucial document for any examination, grants candidates access to the examination hall. It contains essential details such as the candidate’s name, roll number, exam date, and most importantly, the location of the exam center. However, the recent case of missing exam center information on BPSC’s teacher recruitment exam admit cards has raised concerns among candidates.

Methods to Identify the Exam Center

Despite the initial confusion caused by the absence of exam center information, candidates have options to determine their allocated exam centers before the examination day. BPSC has taken steps to resolve this issue promptly and provide candidates with the necessary information.

1. **Contacting BPSC Authorities:** Candidates are advised to reach out to BPSC authorities through the official helpline or email. By seeking clarification on any doubts and inquiring about their designated exam center, candidates can alleviate concerns. BPSC’s swift response can play a crucial role in reducing worries.

2. **Checking the Official Website:** BPSC’s official website often publishes updates and announcements related to examinations. Candidates can log in to their profiles on the BPSC portal to check for any information concerning their exam centers. The website serves as a reliable source for accurate and up-to-date information.

3. **Local News and Updates:** Occasionally, local news outlets and educational websites might provide exam center information, especially when there are updates or changes. Keeping an eye on such platforms can help candidates discover their exam locations.

4. **SMS and Email Updates:** Candidates who registered with their contact details during the application process might receive SMS or email notifications regarding changes or updates to their exam center details.

5. **Visit the Exam Center:** In certain cases, the exam center itself might have displayed information outside its premises. Candidates living nearby can visit the center a day or two before the exam to confirm their allotted venue.

The Need for Clarity

While the absence of exam center information might have initially caused confusion, candidates should remain composed and explore available methods to identify their exam centers. Clear communication and proactive measures from BPSC can provide candidates with the necessary information in a timely manner.


The BPSC teacher recruitment examination presents a significant opportunity for aspiring educators to secure teaching positions in Bihar. The recent incident of missing exam center information on admit cards emphasizes the importance of effective communication and streamlined processes. Candidates are advised to utilize the methods mentioned above to identify their exam centers before the examination day.

As BPSC takes steps to rectify the issue, candidates can rest assured that with the right information and proactive actions, they can navigate the situation successfully. This incident underscores the necessity for transparent and efficient administrative procedures, ensuring a seamless examination process and positive candidate experience.

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